A New Home

0x44.pw is the new home of wannabedev.net.

No real reason why, except I wanted a place to write about more than just computers and it felt like a good way to start the new year. Some of the changes include moving to Hugo from Jekyll. I made this decision because Go > Ruby, and Hugo provides a much more intuitive, to me, means of producing content. I am currently in the process of designing my own theme for this site based off the default werc style, which I would have used if I could have figured it out...

Old wannabedev.net content and new content in the same genre will now be located at dev.0x44.pw. This subdomain, www, will be for more generic life stuff. I also will have content at herps.0x44.pw pertaining to reptiles, reptile keeping, and other related content (probably keep fish stuff there as well). docs.0x44.pw will eventually be the home of my wiki and it, along with git.0x44.pw will probably remain empty for a while until I get everything else setup.