a new look

Got bored at work and started playing with HTML and CSS. Ended up with what you see here. It's still a work in progress, but it's more in line with what I want my site to look like. It's clean, very minimal, no js, and it's functional. Get's to the point and does what I need. Ended up opting for a new SSG at the same time. I initially thought to write my own, and I still might. But for the time being I am using the Rust SSG called Zola. Few reasons:

  1. It's minimal
  2. It's Rust, so I can contribute
  3. It's using a very powerful template engine called Tera

If I decide to write an SSG I will end up using Tera for an engine. The syntax is like Jinga2, except with Rust flavoring. I might do a write up on how to create a Zola theme, because I found the documentation to be lacking, which means others will probably find it lacking as well.