Ian S. Pringle

A wanna be dev masquerading as a sysadmin

I am a systems administrator. I get paid to work with both Linux and Windows servers. Outside of work I work with Linux machines exclusively. My go-to language is Python -- however Rust is quickly surpassing Python as my language of choice these days. I am also comfortable in C, Go, Bash, and PowerShell. If you are interested in seeing a resume, feel free to email me.

I have some animals: a rabbit, two dogs, three horses, three turtles (an Eastern Paint, a yellow belly slider, and a African sideneck; all are rescues), ten chickens, two ducks, three cats, a bunch-o-fish, four lizards (beared dragon and three blue tailed skink), a cornsnake, and a boa constrictor.

I like to tinker and build. I am currently working on a project I call RECS which stands for Reptile Environmental Control System. This is a single microcontroller to manage lighter, heat, and various atomospheric conditions in reptile habitats. I am also fascinated by low-tech aquariums. I am currently working on tranistioning my 150 gallon aquarium's filtration to an overhead refugium/planter. So far my record is three months with good numbers and no water changes. This was when the tank had a turtle, an oscar, three African cichlids, and two common plecos.

I have a degree in New Testament studies, with a minor in Koine -- everything I know about computers and computer science I have taught myself.

I am opinionated.