I think I have always been inclined towards doing things for myself. That has never been more true than since I have purchased my own house. Apart from some roof repairs and the one time I broke down and called an HVAC guy, I have been able to take care of all my own home repairs. It's been reazlly rewarding! Learn a lot, save a lot, and it's so nice to know that you fixed it, and can fix future issues. I am thinking about this now because I have a very squeaky dryer that I need to take apart and de-squeak this weekend. Luckily it seems that mmost sdryer squeaks are easily and freely fixed. I also have a kitchen sink with some leaky drain seals, a front yard that needs some drainage added in order to stop the river that cuts through my basement after every big rain, a janky-redneck fence to finish, and a few other projects to tackle.