I hate using a mouse, not because I am some neckbeard who refuses to admit Gopher died before it was ever bootstrapped, but because using a mouse causes me a decent amount of pain. So if I can keep my hands on a keyboard --ideally on the home row and with my /comfy/ vim keybinds-- than I am happy. As a result, I have developed a love for the terminal. One place I have struggled to get my workflow moved into the terminal, however, is email. Mostly because I am lazy. I had it setup before but never used it enough to really grok it.

So I have decided to revist the world of terminal email. After hours of DuckDuckGoing I have not found a good guide that covers everything. I have found two guides (1 & 2) which start down the road, but both stop after getting smtp setup and then the authors never carry on, and since both posts are at least two years old I doubt that will ever happen. So I am going to give this a shot and hopefully I won't get hit by a bus before I can figure out, and then write a post about, the steps that follow imap and smtp setup.

For this guide we will be using the following software:

I listed the above in the order that I will be covering them. For the sake of simplicity and keeping the length short-ish, each peice of software will be covered in its own post.

Wish me luck, and hopefully I don't fall off the face of the earth before I can get to a topic beyond msmtp like those who have travelled this dangerous road before me!